Vortex v1.03 Patch Notes


-fixed spawn rate of pickups not working properly when you turned some of them off
-added indicator for settings being saved
-added indicator on going back to the main menu from ship selection (press the select button)


-steamworks integration
-changed menu colors to a cool and hip and rad and groovy dark theme
-fixed issue with EMP not activating if player was hit while on top of the vortex it came out of
-added ‘pickups’ menu to options
-added the ability to switch individual pickups on and off
-added the ability to change the spawn rate for pickups (I recommend you set this higher the more pickups you turn off)
-added new hud background element
-moved ‘how to play’ menu to main menu
-fixed alignment of 4th player health


-adjusted bloom to not be so eyeball blinding
-turned down size of bullet lens flares
-turned up size of vortices particles
-removed resolution menu entirely (physics problems occur at anything higher than HD, there is no loss in visual quality at HD vs FHD or higher)


-yay, version 1.00!
-added 4 player gameplay
-added bloom
-added lens flares
-replaced ‘controls’ menu with ‘how to play’ (has brief info on how gameplay works)
-tuned emp distortion effect
-added the ability to go back to the main menu from ship selection screen (press select on the controller)
-increased firing distance for the defense ships from 600 to 1000
-increased firing distance for the gunships from 600 to 1000
-replaced ear shattering ship bullet noise with one that’s way more subtle